“We CAN'T stop the
daily challenges but we
CAN learn to be in
control of how we respond
to them.”
Dr Jane Foster.


Is a glass of water heavy to hold? Not if you drink it or empty it straight away. However, the longer you hold onto it, the heavier it becomes. It is the same with stress.

MYTERN teaches you to take control of your response to everyday stresses and challenges, helping you to keep emptying your glass so that it doesn’t become too heavy or feel impossible to hold.

We cannot eliminate stress and challenges from our lives. Therefore, as a preventative strategy, MYTERN teaches people of all ages how to create health out of everyday stressors; tackling the problem at the ground level, so individuals don't end up feeling overwhelmed, but in control.

Based on neuroscience and positive psychology, MYTERN is a time and cost effective resilience building intervention designed to teach individuals how to build their own emotional intelligence and resilience; increasing mental, physical and emotional health; teaching them how to take control of their overall wellbeing. The concepts of resilience, positive emotions and mindfulness combine to form the powerful skill of MYTERN, which has proved empirically that it can positively impact an individual’s psychological wellbeing, life satisfaction, resilience and distress levels.

MYTERN teaches you that it is your response to life’s challenges that dictates your emotions, and that you can learn to take control of that response

MYTERN achieves this through creating a common, non-threatening language that crosses age, gender and cultural barriers. The skill can be introduced in a single session; and is reinforced daily via the MYTERN App and MYTERN SMS. The language positively influences life’s challenges including bullying situations (cyber included) as it:

  • empowers the victim and builds empathy
  • stops judgement and builds compassion

MYTERN is based on the familiar metaphor of driving, so the language is instantly adopted, understood and used by everyone. The metaphor teaches that:

  • there are two sets of roads that everyone needs to travel - one builds your health (smooth and green); the other builds your resilience (rough and red). If you stay on the red roads for too long, your health will begin to deteriorate
  • you are the driver and only you have control of your steering wheel
  • each road you drive down is an emotion
  • it is always your choice as to which road of emotion you drive down
  • there is no blame or judgement as to which road you choose, as the aim of MYTERN is to learn to take control of your steering wheel, no matter WHAT road you are on.



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Who is behind MYTERN

I created MYTERN in response to:

  • • the increasing lack of emotional intelligence and resilience in all age groups
  • • the unattainable culture of ‘perfection’ that we have created

In order to keep everyone constantly happy, we have been picking people (family, friends and colleagues) up from the rough red roads before placing them on to the smooth green ones.

As a result, many individuals do not have the skills to control their response to people and circumstance (eg. failure, road rage, work pressure) and have little knowledge of how to remove themselves from a rough red road (often turning to food and alcohol).

We are now witnessing the consequence of individuals finding themselves on a rough road with no-one there to pick them up –manifesting in increased levels of depression, mental health issues, self-abuse, and even suicide.

Mental health issues are now the fastest growing burden of disease in the world (WHO). Unless we change the culture of ‘being perfect’ (always having to be on a green road) mental health issues will continue to escalate.

We cannot eliminate stress and challenge from our lives. Prevention is the key.

MYTERN helps tackle the problem at the ground level, so individuals don't end up feeling overwhelmed; but in control. I have witnessed (from as young as 3 years old) how powerful this simple yet effective strategy can be.

One way of attaining the true meaning of perfection and balance is by experiencing both the rough and the smooth roads. If we want to increase our driving skills and build our resilience, then everyone needs to understand that the rough red roads have meaning and are expected to be travelled.
I urge you to help change this culture of ‘perfection’ (always having to be on a green road) which is ruining and even ending people’s lives.

Become a part of the change.

Be an example to others.

Adopt the language of MYTERN
Take Emotional Responsibility Now!

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