MYTERN has the potential to transform your family. The language is objective enough to allow sensitive subjects to be tackled without family members becoming defensive and aggressive.

Most importantly, it simplifies communication around the complex and often avoided subject of emotions and feelings

MYTERN for Families

As each family member learns to become more responsible for their steering wheel, blaming circumstances and others for how they feel diminishes.
MYTERN is based on the familiar metaphor of driving, so the language can be instantly adopted by all the family. Children as young as 3 years old intuitively understand that when they feel sad, they are driving down a red road; and when they feel happy, they are driving down a green road. The metaphor of driving also makes it hard to argue with the logic behind MYTERN, helping to contain arguments before they get blown out of proportion.

Parents and older children can download the MYTERN App or subscribe to the MYTERN SMS. The daily message can act as a discussion point for the family, helping to embed the new thinking into family life, especially as each person will receive a different message.

The aim of MYTERN is not to have everyone on the green Reapo road all the time. The aim is to be in control of your steering wheel, no matter what road you are on.

The ideal location for your MYTERN City Family Magnet is on the door of the fridge, where every member of the family will see it at least once a day.

Each family member chooses and cuts out a car, and is then encouraged to place it on the road that best represents the way they are feeling at any time of the day. When someone is feeling an emotion that is not represented on the map (roads are limited due to space), they can then place their car anywhere on the appropriate side of the city (red or green).                                          

The map creates an objective way of showing how you are feeling, and is wonderful tool to use in a counselling situation. When a family member experiences conflict in the home, at school or at work, it can be helpful to use the magnet to ask/answer the following questions:

  • Which road was the family member on prior to the conflict?
  • Which road was the person on who created the conflict?
  • Which road did the family member CHOOSE to drive onto as a result?
  • What road is the family member on now?
  • Are they in control of their steering wheel?
  • If on a red road and feeling out of control, what PETS could they use to help regain control and move them towards the roundabout or get them off that red road?
  • If on a red road and feeling in control, do they want to stay there for a while or do they want to access a PET to help move them towards the roundabout or get them off that red road?

MYTERN is also a powerful tool to use when a member of the family is experiencing difficulties. Family members learn not to judge the person - realising that joining them on that rough red road may only exacerbate the problem. Remaining on your own green road is not only better for you, but can also have a positive influence on the person experiencing difficulties.


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