Teach yourself to be able to take control of your response to pressures from relationships, work, family – and all the challenges that life throws at you.

MYTERN for Individuals

As it is impossible to eliminate stress from your life, you can often feel:

  • out of control
  • negatively influenced by another's bad moods or angry outburst
  • overwhelmed with too much work and responsibility

Learning to take control of your emotional responses to life’s challenges and the stresses it can create can be as simple as downloading the MYTERN App or subscribing to the MYTERN SMS.

Have a MYTERN message delivered to your phone daily via the MYTERN App or the MYTERN SMS to help embed the skill into your daily life.

Research has shown that through receiving the daily message and applying the language to daily situations, MYTERN can help change the pathways in your brain, creating new important patterns of thinking; positively impacting many areas of your life.

You are never too young or old to learn the language of MYTERN.



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