When introduced to the workplace, MYTERN has the potential to increase thinking, creativity, productivity, motivation and humour. Through creating a common, non-threatening language, MYTERN enables complex situations and sensitive issues to be handled without confrontation.

MYTERN for Workplaces

Why introduce MYTERN into the workplace?

Are you interested in looking after the mental and emotional health of your employees?
People who are mentally and emotionally fit have the capacity to think clearly and creatively; are far more productive; have greater motivation and have an increased ability to achieve.
MYTERN is time and cost effective and can be introduced into your workplace in a day.
Based on neuroscience and positive psychology, MYTERN is designed to teach individuals how to create their own emotional resilience; increasing mental, physical and emotional health and positively influencing their overall wellbeing.

The skill is simply acquired and reinforced through the MYTERN App or MYTERN SMS; providing a daily message and training the brain to be in control of emotional responses to stress and pressure. Once an individual becomes aware that their emotion does not need to be influenced by others or their workload, they have greater control over their productivity and performance.

MYTERN App Licences can be purchased for your workplace, providing a free download for employees and their families, establishing a powerful common language to help deal with pressures of life – at home and at work.
Through purchasing a MYTERN Licence, each employee and their families will be able to download the MYTERN App, creating a common language within the workplace and at home.


Please contact jane@myterncity.com.au to purchase a MYTERN App Licence or for further details :)


"MYTERN has  given our workplace a common language to be able to discuss sensitive issues with other employees and clients, without being confrontational."

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