It was so much more than a simple text to me. It was a helping hand; a reminder that I could take back control; that I didn’t need to let life and people control how I was feeling. It was so powerful!” Student
As it is impossible to eliminate stress from your life, you can often feel:


  • out of control
  • negatively influenced by another’s bad moods or angry outburst
  • overwhelmed with too much work and responsibility


Learning how to take control of your emotional response to life’s challenges and stresses can be as simple as downloading one of the MYTERN Apps.


Have a MYTERN message delivered to your phone daily via a MYTERN App  to help embed the skill into your daily life.


Research has shown that through receiving the daily message and applying the language to daily situations, MYTERN can help change the pathways in your brain, creating new important patterns of thinking; positively impacting many areas of your life.


You are never too young or old to learn the language of MYTERN.



“As everyone in our family learnt to become more responsible for their emotions, we found that fights and blaming diminished.” Parent


MYTERN is based on the familiar metaphor of driving so the language can be instantly adopted by all the family, no matter what their age. The metaphor of driving is logical, making it hard to argue against, helping to contain arguments before they are blown out of proportion.


To help embed the language, families can buy a MYTERN Family Fridge magnet (with instructions), download one of the MYTERN Apps. The daily message, delivered by the apps, help change destructive patterns of thought and can act as a discussion point for the family, helping to embed the new thinking into family life.


The ideal location for your MYTERN City Family Magnet is on the door of the fridge, where every member of the family will see it every day and can move their car on to the appropriate road. The map creates an objective way of showing how you are feeling, and is a wonderful tool to use when a family member experiences conflict in the home, at school or at work.



“MYTERN is a language, NOT a program, so it fitted into our already rich wellbeing curriculum effortlessly. It created a powerful common language which was easily adopted at home and at school.” Principal


MYTERN creates a common language that aligns and enhances existing programs, giving teachers, students and parents an objective and consistent way of communicating and managing emotion, helping to:

  • teach how to take responsibility for all the complexities associated with emotional feelings and expression
  • minimise blame and empower the victim

Introducing the common language of MYTERN into schools and educational institutions (including ELC, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) has brought about major changes in behaviour in the playground, the classroom, and in the home; and has helped students, staff and parents better handle the pressures of study, work and life. Students now know how to take control of their emotions. There is no judgement as to what road you are driving down, as all roads have their lessons. It’s about being responsible for and taking control of your steering wheel, no matter what road you are on.

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Latest Independent Research

Using Social and Emotional Education (MYTERN) to influence Emotional Intelligence in Year 8 Students

Christian College Geelong Rebecca Barry

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“MYTERN has given our workplace a common language to be able to discuss sensitive issues with other employees and clients, without people becoming defensive and confrontational.” Executive


Why introduce MYTERN into the workplace?

Are you interested in looking after the mental and emotional health of your employees?
People who are mentally and emotionally fit have the capacity to think clearly and creatively; are far more productive; have greater motivation and have an increased ability to achieve.
MYTERN is time and cost effective and can be introduced into your workplace in a day.
Based on neuroscience and positive psychology, MYTERN is designed to teach individuals how to create their own emotional resilience; increasing mental, physical and emotional health and positively influencing their overall wellbeing.

The skill is simply acquired and reinforced through the MYTERN App or MYTERN SMS; providing a daily message and training the brain to be in control of emotional responses to stress and pressure. Once an individual becomes aware that their emotion does not need to be influenced by others or their workload, they have greater control over their productivity and performance.
Through purchasing a MYTERN Licence, each employee and their families will be able to download the MYTERN App, creating a common language within the workplace and at home.

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